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What is your overall impression of the new Surface Pro 3? Are you replacing your laptop?

My thoughts are coming in another post.

Have you ever wanted to delete all your camera roll photos at once? Here’s how in Windows Phone 8.1.

Head to your photos screen, trap and hold on the camera roll folder, them select delete contents.

Simple as that! You now have deleted all photos from your camera roll.

Where do you spend most of your time? Track yourself with “Time of my life” from Microsoft Research.

Download the app now from the Windows Phone store here:

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview has received its first update today. This update includes battery life improvements and fixes bugs. Hopefully any issues that you may have faced since downloading the preview will be corrected with this update.

Head over to your phones settings and download the update for yourself.

Has it fixed your issues?

Setting up my new dev environment. Fun times are coming. #wpdev #winphandev #windev 💻

Review: The Elder Scrolls Online

Imagine you are a swashbuckling rogue, looking to make some quick cash in the great big world of Tamriel. Arriving to the previously unheard of island country of Auridon, you seek out the local militia leader, who tasks you with clearing out a local bandit camp. Making your way through the gorgeous countryside, you find the aforementioned camp, and sneak your way inside. Pulling out your trusty…

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Why I use… is an ongoing series, highlighting some of our favorite operating systems, music services, video services, OEMs, you name it. You might even see a few guest posts! Today, Juan Pacheco tells us why he uses Google’s beloved OS, Android.

For the past few years, Android has been my favorite OS above any other. That includes any other operating system like iOS or Windows Phone (sorry Kyle!). That being said, many people have been asking me why I use Android instead of those other platforms. So I decided to explain it all here!


The first reason is that Android users have choice. If you read my previous article, you’ll see that almost all of the flagships mentioned were Android-powered smartphones. That is because Google  has partnered with many manufacturers to run their skinned version of Android on their hardware. Don’t like Samsung? That’s okay. You can get a Sony Android phone or an HTC Android smartphone. While Apple may have eight iPhones to choose from, Android powered smartphones come from many manufacturers, meaning many options. Don’t need a super high power, super expensive smartphone? That’s fine. You can get a midrange or low-end, cheaper Android smartphone. I know that Microsoft  has a handful of manufacturers for its smartphones, but Android has more than ten!


Another reason that I use Android is that Android users can customize their phones. On iOS, you can change a wallpaper and a few other things, and on Windows Phone, you can change the color of your live tiles, but on Android, there is a fairly large amount of customization settings out of the box. You can install a custom launcher, change your home screen, grid size, and the icon pack. Take my set up, for example. I’m running the Google Now Launcher with a wallpaper from an app that I reviewed here on the site called Facets! However, if I wanted to, I could switch to Nova Launcher and switch my set up however I wanted to. Also, you can decide if you want to have a dock and other things like that!

Development Community 

The final reason on this list, is that there is an extremely large development community for Android, and a fair number of these developers make their own custom ROMs. Custom ROMs pretty much override your system OS and give you a brand new one. You don’t like HTC’s Sense, that’s fine. Just root and flash a custom ROM and get Samsung’s Touchwiz! There are many ROMs available for Android and they are  all meant for different types of people. These developers have taken advantage of the fact that Android is an open source OS and have made software that anyone can use, even if they don’t necessarily have to. Besides jalbreaking, there is nothing like this on iOS and on Windows Phone, the situation is the same.

Wrap Up

So, that pretty much summarizes why I like Android in a quick article. Now, please don’t think I’m saying that every other platform sucks, because that’s obviously not what I’m trying to say. This article was written to tell you guys why I like and prefer the Android operating system. That being said, thanks for reading!

What platform do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

Why I use Android Why I use… is an ongoing series, highlighting some of our favorite operating systems, music services, video services, OEMs, you name it.